Sam + Leo

Sam and Leo’s wedding day unfolded like a dream. The white and green florals perfectly captured the essence of the countryside, creating a timeless and serene atmosphere for their special day. Sam’s crew wore mismatched dresses that added a touch of individuality and charm to the bridal party. The variety of styles and shades allowed each bridesmaid to express her personality while harmonizing with the overall laid-back vibe of the day, and adding a bold pop of color.

One of the most memorable moments of the day was the grand entrance of the bride and her father, who arrived in a stunning horse-drawn carriage. After the heartfelt ceremony, Sam and Leo hopped back into the horse-drawn carriage and enjoyed a private champagne toast as they embarked on a leisurely ride around the venue’s enchanting surroundings.

The atmosphere throughout the day remained relaxed and laid-back. Guests enjoyed lawn games, strolling the farm’s picturesque grounds, and soaking in the natural beauty that surrounded them. The celebration was a testament to the couple’s desire to create an inviting and carefree environment for their loved ones.

Epicurean Delight Catering Company left a lasting impression with an incredible dinner that delighted the senses. The culinary team served up a feast that catered to diverse palates and elevated the dining experience. From appetizers to desserts, every dish was a masterpiece. Sam and Leo’s family and friends brought the dance floor to life. Laughter, music, and joyful energy filled the air as the night unfolded, and guests enjoyed smores by the campfire.