Emily + Aaron

On a chilly October day, we had the privilege of hosting Emily and Aaron’s wedding ceremony and reception. These two amazing individuals were surrounded by an incredible group of family and friends on their special day.

The Deaf community is a big part of their lives, so Emily and Aaron understood the importance of inclusivity and wanted their wedding to be a reflection of that value. At New Leaf Farm, we were more than happy to support their vision and create an inclusive space for their big day. As the host venue for this incredible celebration, we were deeply touched by Emily and Aaron’s commitment to inclusivity, and it’s worth mentioning that one of our owners Amanda started learning ASL about ten years ago and has always cherished her connection to the deaf community. Being able to provide an environment where ASL was not only welcomed but celebrated was an absolute privilege.

Emily and Aaron were truly fortunate to have one of the most remarkable bridal parties we’ve ever seen here at New Leaf Farm. Their friends and loved ones came together in the spirit of love and celebration, creating an atmosphere that was both fun and heartwarming. It was clear from the moment they walked down the aisle that every single person in attendance was wholeheartedly dedicated to honoring and supporting this extraordinary couple.

From the laughter-filled pre-wedding preparations to the heartfelt speeches and lively dance floor, there was an undeniable sense of camaraderie and love among Emily and Aaron’s closest friends and family. Their bridal party truly embodied the essence of celebration, making it a day that was not just about the bride and groom but about the bonds of friendship and the beauty of love that unites us all.

Their photographer Randy Lange was nothing short of amazing. Capturing every beautiful moment and emotion with a keen eye and an artist’s touch, which was evident in the stunning photographs that will serve as timeless reminders of this incredible day. We enjoyed every moment of working with her and cannot wait to do it again! (PS: Can we talk about the incredible autumn sunset?!)

We are immensely grateful to have been a part of their journey and to have witnessed the pure joy and love that filled our farm on their special day. If you’re searching for a wedding venue that values inclusivity and celebrates love in all its forms, look no further than New Leaf Farm. We can’t wait to be a part of your love story too!

Planner: Lovely Weddings and Events

Photo: Randy Lange Photography

Venue: New Leaf Farm

Florist: Hudson Stems

Catering: DeLeo’s Catering

Bakery: Electric City Bakehouse